It’ll be warm soon, we swear.

But really, this is the most exciting time of the year because it is the lead up to the beautiful, fresh Spring Goat Milk!

We love goat cheese, it is a highly underrated milk, with a refreshing acidity that is just so exciting. Our favourite goat product has got to be Goat Curd, SO tasty and SO versatile. We have seen our Goat Curd used in so many original and electrifying ways over the years.

But, we want to hear about YOUR favourite Goat Curd recipes – Maybe it’s whipped goat curd dolloped on a dessert? Maybe its Goat curd toasties? Whatever it is, we want you to post your recipe, we will choose the most exciting ones, then we will run a poll to all our cheese lovers to vote for the best one.

The winner will be crowned the G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) and get their recipe posted on our website AND a FREE 1.2kg tub of Goat Curd EVERY MONTH for a YEAR! (Think of all the goat curd toasties).

All you have to do is like our FaceBook page, share this post, and sign up to our mailing list, then post your recipe!

So, really, the question is: How much do you love Goat Curd?