I first had the pleasure of meeting Belinda Hellyer in 2019 at CheeseFest&Ferment.

Belinda started Brewed By Belinda in 2015. she is both a Certified Tea Blender and Certified Tea Master with a background in the arts as a performer, producer and arts manager. Brewed By Belinda is the place where her two loves – tea and the arts – pash! With that kind of passion, when she approached me with her gorgeous teas (tea being fermented, of course!), I did not hesitate to bring her on board!

During lockdown, after drinking more than my fair share of Belinda’s tea (Creativitea is my fave!), the thought occurred that the beautiful floral notes would pair exceptionally well with some of our cheeses.

Often relegated to use as a pick me up, or drowned in milk, I feel the journey artisan tea mirrors that of artisan cheese. Delicate, complex, delightful flavours, under appreciated in many ways, with the capability to leave you gobsmacked after a sip or bite thinking “what was that!”.

When cheese and tea are paired together, it is a cataclysm of flavour and emotion. Belinda and I spent an afternoon ‘brewing and chewing’. We put our heads together and shouldered the difficult task of eating cheese and drinking tea, laughing and sharing stories. We emerged with four Cheese and Tea pairings that are sure to wow your tastebuds, and definitely deserve an encore.

For many who do not drink alcohol, this is a must to experience your cheese in a totally different light!

The Kris Lloyd Artisan online store is now offering these cheeses and teas together as a pack, delivered to your door. Brewed by Belinda also has an online store for tea and tea accessories.

Tea and cheese are a relatively new concept but one well worth exploring. We found sipping the tea fist then tasting the cheese worked best and then repeat, repeat, repeat… Have Fun!

All the cheese and tea packs come with full tasting & brewing notes.



Her luxury teas are inspired by “the arts” and hand blended with genuine jazz hands in small batches. All blends are made with premium 100% ORGANIC ingredients and there are no flavourings or additives – just pure, fresh ingredients to bring you calm, nourishment and creativity.

Many of her teas have been specially created to support the mind, body and soul in the creative and artistic process. With others, Belinda has put an arty spin on your favourite traditional brews. Above all, the teas are delicious, healthy and celebrate wellbeing as well as high kicks. To date, her teas have been awarded 12 Golden Leaf Awards and 5 Medals at the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards.

Belinda has always taken a creative approach to her work armed with a pot of tea by her side. She creates custom blends, offers tea education & tea blending workshops and more. Belinda’s mission is for you to experience tea as a tool for creativity.  Belinda lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her Husband Stephen and two gorgeous little boys, Archie and Luca. She drinks tea all day.