Are you missing your cheese fix?

A month ago, with panic buyers stocking up on a years’ worth of toilet paper, pasta and canned tomatoes, you would be forgiven in thinking this crisis would be a fierce flame, quickly snuffed out, with life back to normal in no time.

Alas, this has not happened, and the steady increase in restrictions over the past week has led to more stresses than simply not having any loo paper. Particularly for the food and hospitality industry.

Restaurants are closing, opting for takeaway or delivery options, cinemas are shut down, casinos are closed (YES!), cafés aren’t accepting keep-cups anymore, factories are being shut down, weddings canceled, and a park picnic with two of your friends can see you facing up to six months jail time.

Health is of the utmost importance, flattening the curve by staying at home – even if we do not feel unwell. This can save lives.


Science says that cheese actually makes you happy! That’s right, artisan cheese contains the amino acid tyrosine which, According to ‘The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health’ by Robert A. Ronzio, directly converts into dopamine, the chemical in your body that makes you feel good.

And I think we can all agree that right now we need a little bit more good in our lives.


For that reason we are excited to introduce our Woodside Cheese Ready-To-Go Cheese Hampers, available to order from the Kris Lloyd Artisan website, and delivered straight to your door.

We are offering five pre-made artisan cheese bags – so you can craft a gorgeous cheese platter for any occasion (or no occasion!) while self isolating. And you don’t even need to go to the shops to do it. Fully quarantine approved. Our cheese is made and packaged with strict hygiene standards all year round – that’s right, we wash our hands even when there isn’t a global pandemic.

But wait – what occasion calls upon a bag of cheese? Well, every occasion should call upon a bag of cheese, but here are some home scenarios that would be fixed quick smart with one of our Ready-To-Go Cheese Hampers:

Click on the photos below for more information

Working from home and need a snack?

Throw away the Saladas, Vegemite and cheese slices, and open our “Woodside Greats” Hamper – a succulent Edith, gorgeous Monet and oozy brie – our signature cheeses – topped off with Monet crackers.

Woodside Greats Cheese Hamper
Monet – 120g Edith – 150g Charleston Jersey Brie – 110g Monet Crackers – 100g

Finished dinner and looking for a little something sweet?

Get our “Honey Brie” Hamper – A family size wheel of brie with Adelaide Hills honeycomb. A match made in heaven.

Honey Brie Cheese Hamper
Family size Charleston Brie – 600g Honeycomb – 150g Monet crackers – 100g

Feel like trying something distinctly Australian?

Try our “Australian Native” Hamper – Bold, exhilirating flavours and textures from the heart of our country, featuring our award winning “Anthill” – Number #11 cheese in the world at the 2019 World Cheese Awards

Australian Native Hamper
Anthill – 100g Bush Buff – 150g Lemon Myrtle Chevre – 150g Monet Crackers – 100g

Sick of opening the pantry and finding it EMPTY?

Then you need the “Pantry Essentials” Hamper, and you’ll be whizzing up dazzling kitchen creations because, let’s face it, we’ve got the time.
Pantry Essentials Cheese Hamper
Goat Curd – 200g Buffalo Persian Feta – 300g Cave Aged Romano Cheddar – 200g Monet Crackers – 100g

Or maybe you just want to make a cheese platter because you’re bored and it’s okay to be bored when you’ve been in your house for fourteen days straight and your kinda going crazy and you check Instagram to see that your friend has just self-taught themself guitar and you haven’t even opened Duolingo once?

Then get the “Hotty With The Lotty” Hamperbecause it has literally everything you need.

The Hottie With The Lottie Cheese Hamper
McLaren Camembert – 230g Jester Triple Cream – 160g Mature Cheddar – 150g Vigneron – 110g Goat on a Hot Tin Roof – 150g Fig, Walnut & Almond Slice – 150g Mixed Plump Fruit – 250g Kris Lloyd Artisan Beetroot Relish – 235g Tuckers Gluten Free Crackers – 100g


All hampers are available for order online at Kris Lloyd Artisan or over the phone on 0403057702.

Don’t fancy any of our Ready-To-Go hampers? Then create your own bespoke hamper with your favourite cheeses!

Orders placed before 12pm can be picked up from midday the next day at our cellar door at 22 Henry St, Woodside.

We can also pop them straight into your car boot if you prefer a contactless approach. 

Or we can deliver to you from Monday to Friday (Final order cutoff 12pm Thursday)
$15 Shipping for Metro Adelaide
$25 Express Post to Selected Postcodes
(See delivery notes on order page, choose shipping preference at checkout)

We include insulated Kris Lloyd Artisan carry bags and ice packs with every order, to keep your cheese fresh and safe.

Interested in our upcoming Seasonal Cheese Club? Comment below if you want to be involved 😉


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