Cheese with Honey

Cheese with Honey is probably not on everyone’s bucket list of food pairings, but it is well worth a try!

I came across cheese with honey when I was travelling around Italy some years ago, it seemed I kept bumping into these two yummies paired up together everywhere. I had discovered a match made in heaven. I’ve chosen delicious South Australian honey from the Adelaide Hills.

You may ask “what is so special about this combination of foods?” Cheese with Honey works incredibly well together because they are flavour opposites. Cheese tends to be salty and quite savoury in flavour in comparison to the beautiful sweetness you get from honey, that is why they work so well together.  This decadent Brie has been drizzled with a bit of honey just before serving …so delicious!

Of course we can take the Cheese with Honey thing a little step further by using HONEYCOMB!! This adds a bit of texture and always looks so amazing alongside a delicious cheese …my fave is with our goat cheeses that have good acid development such as Edith and Grace.

You don’t need too much honeycomb for your Cheese with Honey pairing, add some fresh seasonal fruit and your in business!

Cheese with Honey pairing is bliss and if you are feeling like matching a little wine to this combo to finish it off perfectly, I would suggest sparkling wine as a first preference or an unwooded Chardonnay…have fun!

Our honeycomb is sourced from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia.

Other great pairings of Cheese with Honey are Blue Vein cheese and Washed Rinds … but don’t stop there experiment with any cheese!

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