Cheese Spring Milk

Cheese Spring Milk means the drought of Goat Milk has come to an end. Goats have kidded and pastures are flush with green feed making this the best time of the year for goat milk cheese because the milk is rich, creamy and there is plenty of it.

Spring brings a flush of young green shoots in the pastures which are very nutritious and produce excellent milk quality.  We refer to this time as “Cheese Spring Milk Season” where we reintroduce cheeses we have been unable to produce over the cold winter months because of the lack of milk.

Cheese is no different to other produce. Cheese has a season when it is at its best and that is NOW!  Australian palates have become bigger, bolder and far more adventurous over the past decade, as a result we are now seeing a demand for more information and a hunger for education about seasonal and local produce. I call it #who #what #where FOOD.

WHO made it?, WHAT is in it?,  WHERE did it come from? all important questions we should be asking about our FOOD.

In addition to the abundance of goat milk in the Spring, the fat and protein in the milk is much higher to other times in the year. This means a creamier curd and cheesemaking that happens with a lot less effort.

I probably have two favourites during Cheese Sprink Milk Season. Grace; with her very sexy wrinkly rind.  This rind is a mould that we carefully innoculate the cheese with …doesn’t she look awesome! All our cheeses are made by hand by us with lots of care!

Grace is French Style cheese. The mould GEO as we affectionally call it is what gives this cheese all of its amazing flavour …this is a MUST try!!

…and the second favourite cheese in the “Cheese Spring Milk Season” is Goat Curd. A simple cheese. It has loads of character and I can literally eat it by the tub full. We like it on roasted veggies, crusty bread as pictured below with capers, chilli, fresh herbs, olive oil and cracked pepper.

Fresh Cheese Spring Milk

We like it on roasted veggies, crusty bread as pictured below with capers, chilli, fresh herbs, olive oil and cracked pepper, so easy and so tasty!

We hope you enjoy Cheese Spring Milk Season. All of our products are available at our online store here! and for more goat cheese recipes visit

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