Foragers Feast

Brrr! Winter has now definitely set in, which means the conditions are perfect for a spot of winter foraging. The damp cool weather has meant so many amazing mushrooms have popped up in the Adelaide Hills over the last couple of weeks. A few of our friends jumped at the opportunity to search for them and we were lucky enough to get several deliveries of fresh, hand harvested wild mushrooms. Our favourite is the wild Porcini mushroom, which is sliced thinly and stuffed into the centre of a special cheese we call ‘Foragers Feast’ – a nod to the hard, cold, wet work our foragers do to provide us with the key ingredient.

However, our ‘Mushroom Window’ is only two weeks long, so it has been all hands on deck in the cheese cave (not actually a cave) to make Foragers Feast while the mushrooms are sweet, tender and smelling oh so very mushroomy.

A seasonal triple cream washed rind, Foragers Feast is made of 100% jersey milk. We are very fussy about the quality of milk we use and like to work with small local dairy farmers. We work very closely with them and pay them a fair price for their milk!

As you can imagine the flavour profile of this cheese is complex and earthy. The mushroom flavour is subtle and works so very well with the pungent aroma that is typical of a washed rind cheese. I am always telling our cheese lovers that “the bark is worse than the bite” …yes they might smell a little like smelly socks but washed rind cheeses have to be one of the most exciting and this one is no exception with its little treasure trove of mushrooms in the middle. I love this cheese with a sparkling wine – particularly Coriole Vineyards Prosecco, a dry wine which is exceptional with a  rich creamy cheese.

Be sure to get in quick – the mushroom season is so short and you may find yourself missing out!

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