ANTHILL – Green Ant Cheese

We would like to take you behind the scenes about our innovative green ant cheese, Anthill. One of a kind, this cheese showcases innovation and has a real point of difference as far as cheese goes! There is only one Anthill (green ant cheese) in the world?! We think that’s pretty special!

Originally Kris Lloyd was introduced to the green ants by Richard Gunner a local specialty Butcher and acclaimed chef, Jock Zonfrillo. “I started playing around with layering the green ants inside and outside a fresh five-day old goat cheese and the flavours seem to work well together. I decided I would enter it in the World Cheese Awards because it was such a great representation of Australia,” Kris says.

The green ants have this wonderful sherbet, citrus-like flavour and it is all concentrated in the fluoro green abdomens. Combine that with Adelaide Hills Lemon Myrtle and it’s a total taste bomb! Fresh, interesting, creamy and a little crunchy. This cheese delights all.

Judge Adrian Boswell from London championed the unusual cheese from Australia he said, “it is like nothing I have ever tasted, light and citrus with perfect seasoning and a slight crunch from the delicate little green ants, its creative and innovative, such a great cheese.” Anthill won a SUPERGOLD medal at the World Cheese Awards in San Sebastian, Spain when it was initially launched at the 2016 Awards. The unique creation was one of 3,021 cheeses from more than 30 countries judged by 266 international judges. “Anthill is a true representation of Australian cheese to see it charge through over 3000 cheeses finishing in the top 16 that caught the judges palate, well, who would have thought!” said Kris.

“We have so much opportunity in Australia to show the rest of the world how we are using native Australian ingredients,” Kris says. “One of the things I have built my business on is cheese with a point of difference and Anthill certainly is that.”

So why does Kris step outside the box and choose these unique ingredients? “I guess the question brought me back to an important point and that is what we have here in South Australia is a beautiful clean environment and the ability to source excellent quality raw ingredients,” she says. “Our milk is world class, we have exceptional  pastures for our animals to graze in and, as one of State’s Food Ambassadors, I’m keen  to talk about how fabulous our environment and produce is; not just milk, but everything from our seafood to fruits and wines… and we’re so lucky to have that.”

We are proud that Anthill is 100% Australian, and that we showcase our homeland’s native ingredients. Given the great response Anthill has received, don’t be surprised to see more creative combinations like it in the near future. “This is the first flirt with insects and cheese but not the last!” says Lloyd.

To all our fellow followers we are thrilled to announce we are offering 20% discount on our Anthill cheese at our Cellar Door till the 1st of July. Print this off and bring it with you in store to stock up on our wonderful, exciting Anthill. While you’re there don’t forget to try some of our other amazing cheeses and stock up the fridge.


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